Thursday, 12 October 2017


Since we joined the project Erasmus+ (entitled Head in the clouds), we invited a company Zvezdogled (stargazer) from Jesenice, Slovenia, who owns a planetaruim. Pupils from 1st – 5th class took a look at the planets. We admired the Sun, the Moon, planets, constellation, comets, asteroids and black holes.

Most of the pupils didn’t know what to expect in the planetarium and for most of them this was their first experience regarding the space. Some pupils wrote:

It was very interesting in the planetarium, it looked like we were actually in the space. (Elija, class 3)

There was a mister in the planetarium who introduced planets, satellites and the Sun to us. He showed Ursa Major, Ursa Minor and horoscope constellations. It was very interesting and educational. (Rok, class 3)

We entered the tent - planetarium with curiosity. Mister introduced different planets to us. I liked it very much. (Matevž, class 3)

In the planetarium we saw each planet, even the Sun and the Moon. Seeing the comet was the best. Occasionally I felt a bit dizzy in there. (Ajda, class 3)

I felt like being in the space. I saw planets, stars, constellations, the Sun and lots of other things. Mister told us there are millions of stars in the space. It was very interesting in the planetarium. (Manca, class 3)

We saw constellations, planets, their moons, our moon… I liked it a lot. (Inja, class 3)

Pupils experienced the space in an interesting, different way. We’re sure some of that will stay in their minds forever. They were leaving the planetarium with delight. 

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